These courses are a necessary tool for any professional artist or student of art. We will work on an aluminum plate discovering step by step a technique characterized for it’s versatility and chemical process. From the formal creation of an original image, we will cover the creation of the matrix and finally arriving at the process of printing it.




This course is an itroduction to the millenary technique of woodcut, we will use simple tools to discover a range of options without limits. The carving of our images into a matrix presents a wonderful introduction to the world of relief printing. We will work from the preparation of a matrix through it’s final printing process.




In this course we will go from the process of creating an original image to it’s manipulation onto a silkscreen and it’s printing on various surfaces. The use of a registration method to incorporate various colors will be covered as well. We will work with water-soluble inks only in this introduction course.




This course is without a doubt an new experience to enrich your creativity. An introduction to the world of felt and it’s applications. We will work with carded wool to see how it slowly transforms in our hands. This course is great for any person who has their desire to learn something new.


All of the course prices include all of the materials required for the course. Every course has a maximum of five students, facilitating the most personalized relation to the teacher.
Because of our rural setting it is recommended that accommodations are arranged with a good amount of time prior to the beginning of the course.